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Use the WASD keys to control your avatar and navigate the island. Flying is allowed on some islands. To fly, press “F”, “E” to fly up, and “C” to fly down. WASD continue to work as movement and rotation while flying.


You may travel to any public island by clicking the “Map” button and double-clicking somewhere on the island you’d like to visit. This will teleport you to that island. If you double-click somewhere on the island you are currently on, you will teleported to the spot you double-clicked. In addition, you may double-click anywhere on the ground and you will be teleported to that location.

Looking Around

You can orbit the camera to look around by left-clicking on your avatar and dragging the mouse. Zoom by scrolling the mouse wheel.


There are four islands in REDgrid:

  1. BSU Campus

  2. BSU Prototyping

  3. BSU Instructional

  4. IDIA Lab

BSU Campus

This island is a public simulation of Ball State’s campus. It includes some of Ball State’s most iconic structures, such as Shafer Tower, the David Owsley Museum of Art, and Bracken Library.

BSU Prototyping

BSU Prototyping is a public island hosting several BSU IDIA Lab projects. Our Blackboard Learn Virtual World Greenhouse Grant Building Block Project is hosted here – bridging OpenSim/Second and Blackboard Learn v9 and Coursesites – our Aesthetic Camera project which prototyped new modes of instructional for blended and virtual learning as well as a simulation of Indianapolis International Airport.

BSU Instructional

This island is a private simulation that includes various teaching and learning environments, including School of Nursing, 3D Modelling class, Parenting Center, Fashion Merchandising and the Las Americas Virtual Design Studio for the College of Architecture.


IDIA Lab is a private simulation of IDIA Lab projects and prototypes. It includes research projects, installations and art works that the institution has worked on in the past.